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Welcome to the home of "The Fabulous Stents". Glad you stopped by. We are a band committed to bringing you live entertainment and interactive fun where ever we go. No job too small or big, Our show is a wide variety of music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. We do music that you will remember from years ago, "I know that tune. Wow I hadn't heard that in forever.... We hear it all the time. Songs you used to sing and jam out to.

We love doing novelty tunes and songs you hadn't heard since when. We are based out of Denison, Texas and play mainly in family themed venues and private parties. Events like Fall Festivals, Private Functions and Parties, Wedding Receptions, Restaurants with entertainment, Corporate Events, Company Parties, and Outdoor Get-togethers, Retirement Parties, and Backyard BBQ's.... 

Our music is geared to cover all ages. Something for everyone. We also have been in the music business most of our lives and know what the people like to hear. The Fabulous Stents are also aware of a good volume and good mix. That's what we do, is have a good sound and keep the volume where you can enjoy yourself and not have to scream over the music.

Keeping it real is our motto. We play small venues from Retirement Villages, VA Hospital, to Restaurants and Main Street Events, Block Parties, Company Parties and Picnics, Christmas Parties and Private Parties and private functions. We also have a Gospel Show that we do as well. We are committed to covering all your entertainment needs.

We do acoustic shows and full blown PA gear for your outside needs as well. So if you have a small gig we can do justice for the sound as a small venue as well as doing an outside show, like a block party. It's not the volume that makes you sound good. It's the mix that makes it kick it on down.

For your next indoor or outdoor get together or function we are the band of choice. Give us a call to get on the calendar today.


The Fabulous Stents at KC Roadhouse Bar & Grill - short clips


If you are looking for a seasoned band with quality music and great sound, then we are the ticket.

To book your party or event with The Fabulous Stents please call - Rockie at 903-814-5241 or Joe at 903-821-1155

To come and hear us just check the shows page and see where we are going to be next.



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